Water Wells

Install a Water Well and provide clean and safe drinking water for many poor families in Pakistan.

A Small Water Well costs £695

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Water Wells

With your help Ehsaas provides safe drinking water for thousands of families in Pakistan.

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Water Pump
These pumps are installed within 9 to 10 months, or sooner, after the donation is received

Small Water Well with a Hand Pump

These water wells and pumps are installed between 9 to 10 months, or sooner, after the donation is received, dependent on our surveyors who assess its location and feasibility before commencement.

Approximately 450+ beneficiaries can have water from these installations in a day. The installation includes a machine pump and a water storage tank and outlets to access the water. A platform is also made from which animals can drink water and any waste water is drained to supply water to plants. The wells are installed in isolated areas. Depth of pumps start from 250+ feet.

  • A Small Water Well with a hand pump costs $945

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Water Pump

Water for Life

Shabana Buriro said:

“I used to walk about 6 miles a day to get and then carry the water all the way back for my family, it is a real blessing for all of us from people we don’t even know.”