Gifts for Prophet’s ﷺ Family

There are thousands of members of the Prophet’s ﷺ family who are living below the poverty line…

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…But do not ask for charitable handouts.

Abu Huraira narrated that Al-Hasan bin ‘Ali took a date from the dates given in charity and put it in his mouth. The Prophet ﷺ said:
Expel it from your mouth. Don’t you know that we do not eat a thing which is given in charity?
After removing the date fruit from his grandson’s mouth, the Prophet ﷺ said:
Don’t you know that Muhammad’s family should not eat Zakat (Charity).
Giving and receiving gifts is an important part of the Islamic teaching as love for one’s fellow man is a foundation of the faith. Show your love for the Prophet’s ﷺ family and give them a gift today. The Prophet ﷺ gave and received gifts throughout his blessed life and instructed thus:
Give gifts and you shall love one another.
  • Give a Gift from $121
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A Gift to the Prophet’s ﷺ Descendent

Syed Mushtaq Ahmed said:
“With my illness, it is very difficult to support my family. But to get a financial gift is helping us survive every month. I hope I get fit to work again soon.”

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