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Winter Appeal

Winter Pack Distribution December 2020 (Urdu)

With ARY QTV Presenter Syed Salman Gul.

ARY News Coverage 23rd April 2020:
Ehsaas USA Coronavirus Food Drive

News report in Urdu highlighting the current Food Drive by Ehsaas in New York.

USA Coronavirus Food Drive

Food Ration boxes ready for distribution directly to needy families in the Brooklyn, Queens & Long Island areas of New York.

Iftar Appeal Advert (Urdu)

Help feed 20,000 people daily

Ration Packs Advert (Urdu)

Provide a family with a monthly ration pack

Zakat Advert (Urdu)

Ehsaas has a 100% Zakat Policy

Water for Life Projects Advert (Urdu)

Provide clean water to the poor

Eyesight Appeal Advert (Urdu)

Give the gift of sight

Build a Mosque Project Advert (Urdu)

Build a Mosques for a local community