Over 50,000 people died in Turkey and Syria

Described as the worst natural disaster in a century in that region, the devastating Earthquake has left thousands of survivors still needing help desperately.

The minimum temperature at this time of year is still only 5°C with fasts being around 12 hours long a day. It will be a very difficult time for hundreds of thousands of people who still require food and water.

Our partners are on the ground helping as many survivors as possible and we are providing Hot Meals and Food Packages which include:

• Rice 1kg
• Red Lentils 1kg
• Bulgur Coarse Rice 1kg
• Noodles 500g
• Sugar 5kg
• Sunflower Oil 2ltr
• Tomato Paste 830g
• Chickpeas 1kg
• Pasta 500g
• Salt 750g
• Jam 360g
• Dried Beans 1kg

Please donate as much as you can on the form opposite to help survivors now.