Ehsaas News | Published: 9 January 2022

The Global Day of Parents, on 1st June every year, is in honour of parents throughout the world.

Many of Ehsaas’s projects are aimed at helping low income parents alleviate their and their family’s poverty by taking care of their basic necessities of food, water, shelter, health, education and employment – all without compromising their dignity. One of our projects is to provide Marriage Assistance to poor parents in Pakistan who cannot afford to get their daughters married with dignity and pride and thus, allow their daughters to fulfill the crucial rite of marriage.
The Prophet (saw) said: “When one marries, they have fulfilled half of their religion, so let them fear God regarding the remaining half”.
Ehsaas realises the difficulty many poor parents are in and, with your support, provides marriage assistance funds and wedding gifts. Only through your generous donations are we able to continue this work – Thank You.