Ehsaas News | Published: 1 January 2022

World Health Day, on 7th April every year, is about building a fairer, healthier world where everyone, everywhere, can realise the right to good health.

One of our health projects is to hold free Medical Camps in the most deprived areas of Pakistan.

At the Camps, hundreds of patients are examined by our GPs and Orthopedic doctors, with any medicines required also provided free of charge.

Issues dealt with include:

  • intestinal infections
  • tuberculosis
  • bacterial diseases
  • viral diseases
  • diseases of respiratory system
  • diseases of digestive system
  • diseases of urinary system

Ehsaas knows the desperate need to provide these health services to those that can least afford them and would like to undertake many more free medical camps in the most deprived areas.

Only through your generous donations are we able to continue this work – Thank You.